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i'm finally building this page up. there are a few things already here thought. and you can visit Amok Entertainment, that's were i'm working at now. the stuff i have online is this:

- Portfolio (mix only): it's up. but it's under construction. there are a few things there thought. and visually intensive.

- Curriculum Vitae (portuguese only): my curriculum, the usual stuff.

- All us are belong to us (portuguese only): web site about a trip i made with daniel quevedo to united states.

- Textos de Historia das Artes Visuais I (portuguese only): texts i wrote for a class of Art History. the first one is about the Library of Alexadria; the second about Gothic art and mainly the book Frankenstein from Mary Shelley (which you can get at Project Gutenberg page by the way); and the third, the best of them, about Pre-Colombian Art and Culture, which is pretty graphycally intensive. i just exported them as web pages from word and tweaked a bit at Dreamweaver, so there might be some problem or other.

- Teoria da Percepção 3D (portuguese only): these is the page of my class works for 3D Perception Theory, a class taken as an off course program at the Arts Institute of UFRGS. there's only a paper about Luiz Barth thought, a brazilian 3D artists (that's also working with me at Amok). more will come later thought. and maybe in VRML.

- Textos de Introdução a Arte (portuguese only): these are texts i wrote for a class of Introduction to Art in the Instituto de Artes Plasticas of UFRGS while attending to Computer Science at the same college (i took the class as a "off course class" but will probably changing course to Arts anyway). All three are about Computer Graphics and CG related.

- Saladao Verde-Amarelo (portuguese only): it's a page i made in 1996 about Brazil and things i think are wrong. there are lots of gramatical and ortografic errors, as usual, and i've changed opinion in some of the subjects already (i love Chico Science music now, for exemple). it will not be update, and will remain with the same mistakes and stuff.

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